Newsletter January 2014

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Lots to tell this month ...

* We’re thrilled to be part of a feature on ambient music in the January 2014 issue of Prog magazine ( Not least because we’re interviewed alongside Laraaji, whose album Day Of Radiance is an all-time favourite for both of us (and indeed, is Os’s ringtone).

* Our current album Gravity’s Dirty Work also receives a very positive review (“... a totally transportive and progressive mind clearer …” ) in the same issue, and a track from the album is included on the cover CD.

* In case you missed it, Gravity’s Dirty Work was released in October 2013, in download, CD, and (for the first time in Darkroom’s history) limited-edition double vinyl formats, all of which can be ordered from

* Opening a series of releases planned for 2014, we’ve just released a new 15 minute track called Trident Mountain Sky, a piece recorded during the early (Feb 2009) sessions for Gravity’s Dirty Work but not used on the album. Originally planned as a Christmas single, we felt it was more timeless. But it’s still available for free, as planned, at

* Next up is a soundtrack album! We’re delighted that our music was chosen by filmmaker Chris Marsh for his sci-fi short Rhombus ( A selection of tracks are featured, spanning the Fallout albums (early 2000’s) right up to 2013’s London Loopfest recording, via podcast tracks recorded in collaboration with Daryl Shawn ( The film is currently doing well on the festival circuit.

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