We’ve put most of our catalogue up on our Bandcamp page.

Bandcamp is a great service that allows musicians to sell directly to their fans. It also offers downloads in much higher quality formats than other services - up to and including lossless formats such as FLAC, so for example you can now go and get Some Of These Numbers Mean Something in 24 bit FLAC, better than CD quality!

The downloads are also cheaper on Bandcamp. Well, to be accurate, the downloads can be as expensive as the band wants them to be, but I’ve set ours so you pay about what we would get from iTunes for a sale - because on Bandcamp we get all the money (none goes to Apple etc.) we can afford to do that and not lose out.

We’ll also be putting up most of our podcast tracks on Bandcamp from now on. The podcast will remain as 128kbit mp3s (i.e. low quality by today’s standards) but you’ll be able to download the higher quality versions from Bandcamp if you want.

Os, January 2010