Blog now supports comments

I've enabled comments in the blog, so if anyone's actually reading this and feels like leaving a comment on these posts they can do so. Fortunately RapidWeaver makes this very simple, taking advantage of the free service offered by Haloscan.

os, Jan 2008

Welcome to the new Darkroom website

Welcome to the shiny new Darkroom website. The old one was looking decidedly, well, 20th Century, so here's a new one, built with RapidWeaver.

As well as just looking nicer, there are some useful new features. E.g. the reviews page has been implemented as a blog, so it's easier to add new ones (there will be new ones one day, I'm sure), and you can filter them by tag e.g. here are all the reviews of Freefall.

There's actually a bit more than usual going on in Darkroom-land these days, so stay tuned for more news over the next while. Why not make use of the RSS feed to keep in touch?

os, Jan 2008