SOTNMS reviewed in Postcards From The Yellow Room

Some Of These Numbers Mean Something has been reviewed by Sid Smith's Postcards From The Yellow Room.

Read the review here.

Os, March 2011

Interview in Tokafi: The Notes behind the Numbers

Mike & I did an email interview for the Tokafi webzine.

If there's one thing you can rely upon with this band, then it's their commitment to surprise: Even in 3003, S Club 8 couldn't sound like this.

Read the full interview here.

SOTNMS reviewed in Sound On Sound

Some Of These Numbers Mean Something has been reviewed by Sound On Sound.

Read the review here.

Os, September 2009

Another review

Some Of These Numbers Mean Something has been reviewed - very favourably, I might add - by EvilSponge.

Read the review here.

Os, June 2009

SOTNMS available on

Some Of These Numbers Mean Something is finally available via subscription-based online retailer eMusic. Go get it here.

Os, April 2009

Two new reviews

Two new reviews from AMG and - read them here and here.

Os, April 2009 problem resolved

Just a quick note to point out that have finally fixed the bug that was preventing Some Of These Numbers Mean Something from being available as more than 30 second previews on their site.

So if you've so far resisted the urge to buy it, you can listen to the whole thing on demand here (provided you live in certain countries, anyway).

Os, March 2009

Darkroom interviewed on WeHeartMusic Radio

Mike and I were interviewed on Sunday for the WeHeartMusic Radio podcast. A big thanks to Vu for making it happen.

You can listen to it here. If you download the whole show, or use the embedded player on the page, our bit starts at about 18:15 in. Or you can download just our section (lower down on the page).

Possibly my favourite quote from the interview: "songs... with lyrics and everything".

Sometimes I forget just how far outside the conventional boundaries of pop we operate.

os, Nov 2008

More reviews

Three more reviews, including a really nice one from Progressive Ears:
- Progressive Ears
- Vital Weekly
- We Heart Music

os, Nov 2008

More SOTNMS coverage

Two SOTNMS mentions to report:
- A review on webzine The Silent Ballet.
- We're currently riding high at number 6 in the nowlikephotographs chart.

os, Oct 2008

Darkroom on SoundCloud

SoundCloud seems to be the big thing getting all the hype right now, so we've jumped on the bandwagon.

First impressions are good - it's a nice bit of web design, good looking and easy to use. It remains to be seen whether it's actually of any use.

And here's a special treat (since the page for SOTNMS is still bugged - grrr) - a whole track from the new album, via the SoundCloud embeddable music player. Enjoy!

os, Oct 2008

SOTNMS - the drummer's perspective

I've just posted a review by a certain Andrew Booker. The attentive will recall that Andrew is the drummer that we recorded for the new album. As he says though, he was adequately uninvolved in the actual process of creating the album that his opinion on it is fairly impartial.

It's a nice review anyway.

os, Oct 2008

SOTNMS now released

Some of These Numbers Mean Something is now released.

You can order the CD from Burning Shed, or buy the download from most online retailers e.g. iTunes.

os, Oct 2008

First SOTNMS review

First review of Some Of These Numbers Mean Something (which we're calling SOTNMS to save typing), by Michael Peters over on the Loopers Delight mailing list. You can read it here. Thanks Michael!

Michael's Stretched Landscape #1 is a personal favourite of mine. Pick up a copy if you don't already own this ambient classic.

os, Sept 2008